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The next few months (or years) should be quite interesting to say the least. Back when we were in grad school, my wife and I were pretty diversified as far as our careers were concerned. I was a physicist and she was an accountant. Can’t get much different than that. Since then, however, I’ve switched to finance/asset management and she has been migrating away from pure accounting and now works as an analyst in enterprise risk management. In other words, our careers have converged somewhat. To make matters worse, we’re presently working for the same company! In the current environment, layoffs are coming down in broad strokes in financial services and we’re faced with having to consider the possibility we BOTH may be out of a job soon.

We’ve got some contingency plans. Some of which include the possibility of me going back to school *gasp* If that happens, I’ll definitely be pushing the quantiles of the age distribution 🙂 Personally, I’m not too concerned. I know we’ll end up fine and any change will likely be for the better. It’s just the uncertainty that is a bit hard for Mrs Phorgy to deal with. For my sake, I actually enjoy navigating through uncertainty (and even a bit of chaos). That is where agility, strategy, and a more than just a bit of luck can make or break you. If I manage to stay where I am (which indications are good so far), there will be massive opportunities waiting on the other side. I’m actually quite excited these days.

I’ve been at my new job just under a month and my manager has been (fortunately) pushing me hard so far (which is a good thing). The other day he sat me down and admitted so much, but also told me that in such a short time I’ve contributed a lot and have already built up a lot of credit in the company. People are noticing and in today’s environment that is particularly important. I love the competition. Projects that he thought would take months are already ready for production. I’ve come up with some ideas for quickly computing pool analytics that have got several people excited. There are many areas where I can have an impact and I’m really loving it so far.

Needless to say, the insane work schedule I’ve been keeping (I’m a machine!) has made it next to impossible to keep up my blog. I hope I don’t have to completely abandon it, but for the time being I will likely be relegated to being a “weekend warrior”.

While Sophia naps, I’ll try to churn out a few thoughts on current events…


Written by Eric

September 9, 2007 at 12:13 pm

Posted in General Update

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