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I’m sure I will learn to regret having resigned from my previous job last week. One of the most fantastic aspects of that job was the access to people. I’ve met enough CEOs and CFOs of large corporations to fill a rolodex. Of all the people I had the privilege to meet, probably the one person who impressed me the most was Robert Zoellick. Mr Zoellick is a truly exceptional human being. That’s why it was such a pleasure to learn that he had been selected to head the World Bank. I know that guy!

However, now that I’m in limbo until starting my new job and do nothing but read news and blogs all day, a recent Reuters article caught my attention and made me remember one of the themes that Zoellick is concerned about. Protectionism.

Here’s the Reuters article:

China suspends some U.S. pork, chicken feet imports

This might be legitimate, but it seems a bit “tit for tat” considering the recent concerns about exports coming out of China. This and things like this will give protectionists ammo in the coming elections.

Whatever criticisms there may be of Zoellick (and there are plenty), he can count me as a supporter. I believe that any move toward protectionism, although perhaps making for good soundbites at union meetings, would be really bad for the global economy. But remember, I am a believer in Economic Darwinism 🙂


Written by Eric

July 14, 2007 at 11:43 pm

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  1. […] mentor). Once in a while, you know you are in the presence of greatness. I knew that when I met Robert Zoellick and I knew that when I met David Richards. I was so enthralled in what David had to say I could do […]

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