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China’s Online Population Explosion

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A new Pew internet survey came out today showing that internet users in China have grown in numbers to the point they are second only to the US and will surpass the US in a few years.

China’s Online Population Explosion

The US economy is at risk for lots of reasons these days and one reason that is probably under the radar, but will creep up in the next few years is our horrid internet service. The US has fallen far behind most developed (and some less developed) countries in terms of broadband availability. When I say “broadband” I mean broadband. Not the measly < 1 Mbps that most of us get with DSL or cable, but the more reasonable 50+ Mbps that is common in Korea, Japan, and parts of Europe.

Currently, we are struggling with enough bandwidth to get IPTV off the ground, but before you know it, other countries will begin a migration from 2D to 3D entertainment. Philips already has a commercially available 3D TV that does not require glasses. It is fairly straightforward to create content from both 3D video games as well as 3D animated movies. In these cases, the content is already 3D, but is projected to 2D at the final stage for display on a 2D screen. Imagine not having to do this final projection and you’ve already got a pretty large store of 3D content that people are going to go goo goo ga ga about. Try downloading 3D HDTV through a copper tube. Fiber optics is the only way to go and the US is really dropping the ball on that.


Written by Eric

July 12, 2007 at 3:31 pm

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  1. […] and parts of Europe in terms of access to fiber optic connections to the home. I alluded to this here and here and probably […]

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